Flower in the Dark (EP)

by Zach Heyde

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This album is my first step away from classical music, and has given me a chance to pay tribute to my other influences like Radiohead, Coldplay, Barenaked Ladies, and more! Hope you enjoy what you hear!


released August 25, 2011

All songs written, recorded and produced by Zach Heyde. Additional performances by Natalie Nelson, Jake Heyde, Will Trautmann.



all rights reserved


Zach Heyde Tennessee

Zach Heyde (b. 1993) is a composer for film & animation currently based in Nashville, TN. Alongside his work as a composer, Zach performs piano on the YouTube channel Frank & Zach Piano Duets, and co-founded music publishing company Stems Up Sound. He actively meditates & practices yoga to offset his coffee addiction and bouts of anxiety. ... more

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Track Name: Mother Nature's Perfume
"Do you remember when
Mother Nature’s perfume
Was all that mattered to you?

And every time you cried
Another angel died
Now who’s left alive?

Summer’s gone
And someone’s song
Someone’s wrong
All along

Fill my doubt
Head in clouds
Float about
Kill the sound"
Track Name: Flower in the Dark
The less you speak,
The more you have to say
I am here,
But you're so far away.

It's not your fault,
A flower in the dark
Never blooms,
Never shows its heart.

I'd turn back time,
Erase and redesign
Watch you smile
For every time you cried.

And I'd climb the sky
To free us from its walls,
Where beauty flows
Like crystal waterfalls.

Your my flower in the dark,
But one day you’ll show your soul and your heart.
Track Name: Segue No. 2
Track Name: Devil's Child
"Take a ride to the other side,
See the world that they couldn't hide
Woah, the devil's child
What you build they will learn to break
And what you love they will slowly take
Woah, the devil's child

I'm not the man that I appear to be,
This mind and body living bittersweet
As the devil's child.

Freedom lies in the tempter's eyes, singin'
"Live to love, live to satisfy"
Woah, the devil's child
Your painted smiles are wearing thin
And the cracks are comin’ out again,
Woah, the devil’s child

I'm not the man that I appear to be,
This mind and body living bittersweet
No longer victim to your sympathy,
Your disapproval only feeds the beast
Of the devil’s child.

Of the devil’s child."
Track Name: Broken, Part One
For many years I told you naught but lies,
But truth has blown its way through my disguise
Where does judgment lie?

I couldn't ask you to forgive me now,
Nor act as all is as it used to be
Lover, set me free

Raise your tattered flag
Beg forgiveness back
Pray, my soul to save
And free me from the grave.
Track Name: Wish You Home
"Where you are,
I will be
Watching over you.

Filled with wine
And memories
Lost in loving you.

And you know,
No matter how far you go
I'm here to wish you home
To wish you home."
Track Name: Fadeaway
"Once I dreamt we lay together still, still as snow
And most dreams die, but this one never seemed to let me go
So close your eyes, and dream with me once more.

Step inside my world of make-beieve, and pretend
That all those years you set your spirit free would never end
And when we wake, our souls will bloom again.

Take your time before time takes you
Live your life as you always wanted to
Give yourself to love's embrace
Never fade away,
Fade away
Fade away"
Track Name: Clouds (bonus track, live)
"Up in the clouds
I can only look down
This magnetic pull
Directs to the ground

I can barely see God
Asleep in the clouds
I smile and I wave

Give me a chance
To see her again
We'll laugh and we'll dance
And love 'till the end

If I should die
I'll look to the sky
My flower and I
Will live there again"